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No Mail Mess: Dallas Court Worker Hid 700+ Pieces of County Mail

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DALLAS, TX —Do you ever wonder what’d happen if you didn't open your mail for say... two years?

Well, that’s what the folks in one Dallas court are dealing with.

“It’s unacceptable, and it cannot happen,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said.

A Dallas Court Coordinator for the 282nd district never opened or properly filed loads of snail mail that came into the office -- some two years old.  Can’t play around with these packages!

“You’re going to have a host of problem. You’re going to have checks that go stale."

So if you paid a fine or sent a check to the district, there might be a chance yours never made it. Could that mean there are warrants out for unpaid fees just left unopened?

“You could have a lot of bad things happen. From my understanding ,from seeing an interview from the judge, is that none of bad things occurred in this case,” Jenkins added.  “But that’s still no excuse for a person not to do their job.”

So far, they’ve found 7 boxes worth of letters and more than 700 Packages.

“I’m accountable to the voters for everything my employees do,” Jenkins said.  “The independent elected judge has to be accountable for that.  He’s a good person, I’m sure the person who made these mistakes is a good person, but we have to have accountability. I expect he will deal with that and will deal with that quickly.”

Wait a minute Mr. Postman, maybe some of this unopened mail needs to be returned to sender.

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