DNA Eat Away: Diet Concept Based on Your DNA

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Michael Campbell has a pretty stressful gig.

“Phone, e-mails, everything going at the same time, it can get the best of you," Campbell said.

Yeah, sound familiar? Campbell works for Texas Air Composites, a company that fixes commercial airplane parts. On top of that, he has three kids who keep him pretty busy.

“My one-year-old is running around trying to get into stuff, my 13 -year-old is a 13-year-old.”

So, Campbell was looking for a way to boost his energy and focus. “What we try and do is find out what the difference is between where you are physiologically and where you should be physiologically, and we correct from that difference,” Dr. Richard Lee, Medical Director and co-founder GeneSolve, said.

What Dr. Richard Lee`s company  has done is come up with a way to do that using your DNA. Yep, a blood sample and cheek swab are sent off to a lab where it breaks down what you need to be on your game.

“Its often low vitamin D, low  free thyroid hormones, low free sex hormones and then cortical which is a stress hormone that is messing with all this,” Dr. Lee said.

Campbell has only been on the program for the last three months, but he says his family is already seeing a difference.

“My wife has said like wow, I really notice a difference when your coming home how more involved with our family you are.”

Dr. Lee says the benefits of the program are less stress and higher energy levels, which leads to a more active lifestyle.