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Local Boxing Gym on New Reality TV Show

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Dallas - The boxing ring at Maple and Butler is a long way from the Netherlands, but it's where Arnie Verbeek ended up.  He says he got a wake up call from his dad.

"He said, Hey Arnie let`s go watch the fight," Arnie Verbeek, Owner of the Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, said.  "I watched Ali defeat Foreman. It must be some country where a guy could be that successful. Just with his fists."

Hooked,  Verbeek hopped on a plane and now owns a gym with a sparring role in The Undercard. -- a reality show that puts the spotlight on up and coming local boxers.

"We started Maple Ave Boxing six years ago, just for friends and family," Verbeek explained.

Soon, kids from the neighborhood all wanted to train at his gym.

"After awhile, we became a community center and these kids came out," Verbeek said.  "I said hey this is a great tool to keep these kids off the street."

Many of those kids kept their feet in Verbeek's boxing ring.  Including Maurice "Mo" Hooker, Fernando Garcia, and Frankie Agnew.

They'll be on the ropes when The Undercard airs Saturday nights on the CW at 10pm.

"I honestly feel like if I wasn`t boxing, I either would be dead or in jail," Agnew said.

"If you got anger problems,  "a lot of stress built up, just come to the gym, get a good workout -- problems be gone," Hooker added.

Some famous fists took a swing at the Maple Avenue Gym, too.

"James De La Rosa just recently worked out here," Verbeek said.  "He won his fight so maybe it helped. It`s the home gym of Errol Spence."

Now, one of the best gyms in Texas has found a bigger and better home, right by the Butler Street and Maple Avenue intersection.

"We`re in construction," Verbeek explained.  "But nothing stops us. We`re getting these kids ready."

Ready for some exciting bouts on The Undercard.

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