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Gotta Go? Landlord Not Happy About Ebola Decor

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- Halloween pumpkins just didn't do it for James Faulk, he decided to conjure up some pretty scary stuff décor.

He got plenty of press that soon turned into pressure when he put hazardous waste barrels in his University Park front yard.

The cops even showed up to make sure everything was alright, maybe because we've seen this scene in real life three times too many in Dallas.

Equipped with his handy clipboard and make-shift CDC trainee hazmat suit, Faulk has enjoyed some positive responses from neighbors.

"If we can get a laugh about it I don’t think its offensive at all," said one neighbor.

But there's one guy who's not so happy. It appears his landlord isn't infected with the Halloween spirit.

"We're keeping it up despite our landlord's efforts to try and get us to take it down. Everyone else has been on board with it and getting a laugh out of it," said Faulk.

Well, at least he's not being evicted because he has Ebola, right?

"The last thing he said before he hung up on my girlfriend was that he was gonna come over in his truck and load it all up and take it away, but that's yet to happen and hopefully it won't happen," said Faulk.

Despite the threats, Faulk says he wants everyone to take a chill pill.

Hey, if he's forced to disinfect his yard, it would bring a whole new meaning to Ebola-free!

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