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Simon Says: What We Learned From Ebola in Dallas

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Things we learned since Eric Duncan got sick: Sometimes, you don`t know what you don`t know -- just ask the hospital.

We learned this famous  statement still has meaning today.  Because when it comes to Ebola, so many of you were scared of being scared.  When you don`t really understand something, fear usually wins!

We also learned it's easier to be scared of things you can see instead of things you can`t.

We learned sometimes government does not have a plan. It took about three weeks for the feds to set-up a comprehensive 'go-team'  to deal with Ebola.   What took so long?

It took about three weeks to bomb Afghanistan after 9-11!

We learned when the president hires a czar, experience not needed. Ron Klain is the Ebola Czar, but he`s not a doctor. Ten years ago, President Bush hired this guy as the Bird Flu Czar; he`s a lawyer.

We learned we're capable of Ebola OCD. Admit it: the last few weeks, how`d you react when someone near you coughed or sneezed?

We know cops, firemen and soldiers get exposed to the dark side of life, but we learned nurses are literally exposed.

Yeah, we`ve  learned a lot the past few weeks; the reactions, the planning, and the hype; not a shining moment. Let`s hope everyone learns from their mistakes -- instead of feeling sick to their stomachs over how things could have been better.

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