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Too Soon? Ebola-Themed Halloween Decorations Make Debut

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- Neighbors in University Park are in for a real scare this Halloween, a sight that's sure to get your heart racing and incite fear in all who dare to pass-by.

It`s a scene straight out of our viral nightmare, a page right out of Dallas' very own Ebola outbreak! While you may have joked about dressing up as Ebola this Halloween, this guy's got you beat, he dressed up his whole house!

Quarantine tape and hazardous waste drums fill the front yard of James fault`s home near Highland Park High School.
"A friend of mine had a pretty good Halloween last year and he was kind of fired up about it, so I kinda got the fever last year and I just wanted to do something big this year and here we have it, it's gotten pretty big," said Faulk.

Hey, there's no doubt that Faulk is infecting some with more fear, but is this stunt more sick than trick?
"You have to make light of a situation sometimes and that's the only way we know how to deal with stuff like this going on," said one neighbor.
"I just started laughing because it describes James so well that he would do this," said Morgan Thompson.

Hey, it wasn't too long ago when real hazmat crews rolled in and rolled out contaminated barrels, not to mention Thomas Eric Duncan died from the deadly virus.

We're sure this isn't the first or the last reference to Ebola this Halloween, but you have to admit It looks eerily similar to the real thing.

But let's face it, this house is a real fright sight  in more ways than one.

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