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Surprising Find: Virtual Autopsy Reveals King Tut’s True Image

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Cairo, Egypt --For centuries, an ancient bust has been the only image we’ve had of fabled Egyptian pharaoh, King Tut.

A perfectly chiseled face and mysterious almond eyes fueled the legendary reputation of the boy king. That is, until today.

Okay, let’s face it – when we think of the ancient ruler a handsome man probably comes to mind. Well, brace yourselves for what’s behind the sarcophagus.

The real King Tut, well, as real as a virtual autopsy will allow, depicts quite the different image.

According to the latest CT scan, Tut was riddled with physical flaws. He had a walking stick, no doubt it came in handy for his clubed foot. Oh, he also had buck teeth and uneven shoulders.

So, not exactly the picture of royal beauty. But, in Tut’s defense, researchers believe he had a rare bone disorder and may have died from malaria at the age of 19.

The new research will be unearthed in a new documentary set to air on BBC.

Wonder if there are any yet-to-be-discovered hieroglyphics depicting Tut with the earliest known Photoshop artist?

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