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Afternoon Delight: Star Gazers Check Out Partial Solar Eclipse

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FORT WORTH-If you freaked out over the chunk of sun missing this afternoon, well that was supposed to happen!
"We're trying to explain to them, and hopefully they'll get to experience it today," said Gloria Lin.
The darkening sky was result of a partial solar eclipse. For all you non-nerds, that's when the moon squeezes in between the sun and the earth and casts a shadow.
Star gazers got the hottest view of the solar eclipse at the Fort Worth Planetarium. "I`m fascinated, this is so cool," said Elizabeth Angle. But looking at it directly might lead to this some damage your peepers.
"The sun's light is so powerful, so strong, that it can actually burn holes in your retina," said Sarah Twidal.
If you missed it this time around, take our word for it, it was out of this world. The cosmos won't deliver another solar eclipse until March 2015.

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