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Pillow Talk: Erotica Author Zane Talks New Movie, Sex Toy Line

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DALLAS—Zane is pretty busy these days.  You know, the New York Times Bestselling author of steamy stories like Dear G-Spot and Getting’ buck Wild?

Well now, her characters are hopping on the big screen in a new movie called Addicted, starring hunky Hollywood star Boris Kodjoe.

Ooh, sounds… stimulating.

“It’s very exciting to see my work transferred to different media,” Zane said.  “I think that’s a blessing and a hope of most writers.”

That’s not all, she’s conquering the stage too with a play based off The Other Side of the Pillow and it premiered right here in Dallas.

“I always used to say when I went to a play, like ‘I could do this.’ And people would say, ‘Zane, why don’t you write a play?’ So I’m glad I was able to team up with Curtis King at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters and make it happen.”

Not to mention the the other TV series she has.  But what inspires a seductive storyteller?

“People always say, how do you do all of this, because I never feel like I’m working.  I feel like I’m like, lost in some children’s game with chocolate waterfalls and lollipop dreams and all that kind of stuff.  I love movies, I love TV, I love books, I love plays.  I enjoy music, but I can’t sing, so I won’t be going there.”

C’mon, we got to get a sneak peek!

I kind of flipped the script on what men normally do, and its a woman this time, so it’s definitely a discussion starter. With the play.. .I made her that ultimate bitter woman. And unlike all the other men, a young man…decides that he’s going to take a chance.

Zane’s work isn’t all about pillow talk. She also hosts boot camps on writing and publishing and is working on a literary radio show.

She’s also talking about launching a novelty sex toy line.

You go, girl!

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