Pedal Power: City Council Takes A Ride Downtown

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Dallas City Council members experienced a different commute to work on Wednesday, they traded in their gas guzzlers for bikes!

But this ride is starting to look like a trip down memory lane. It's the sixth year for council members to strap on their helmets and ride from Main Street Garden to City Hall in order help make Dallas a bike-friendly city.

"I'm gonna continue riding my bike. Next year we're gonna have so many people join in this effort but I want you all to stay encouraged, keep up the good work, keep the pressure on city hall so we can keep the money flowing, so we can keep the bicycles flowing," said Dwaine Caraway, City Council member.

Members of several bike groups rode alongside council members to experience what it's like to get around town on two wheels.

So what was the biggest obstacle? "The only problem I had was that the seat is not wide enough for my big behind," joked Caraway.

Hey we feel you! So put that pedal to the metal and get out and ride!

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