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Psycho Ex? Man Accused of Running Over Ex-Girlfriend & Relative

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WARNING: This video contains graphic content and may be disturbing to some viewers.

Vallejo, CA — A California man is facing two charges of attempted murder after police say he ran over his ex-girlfriend and another person. The man, Jon-Luke LaPorte, has an uphill battle fighting this one.

He’s accused, at least in part, because surveillance video shows his red truck running over the two women.

Doesn’t help that the truck kept going.

Surveillance video captured the incident from two angles, each clearly showing the women walking together before the truck comes from behind and plows them down, leaving them in the street; they were taken to a local hospital with moderate injuries.

Also working against LaPorte, according to police, is his return to the scene of the crime while officers were investigating — and leading them on a chase.

That will get you arrested every time, LaPorte.

Every. Time.

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