Candy Crush: Best & Worst Halloween Treats for Kids

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“I want candy!” Yeah, and so does every other trick-or-treater waiting to fill those plastic pumpkin buckets on Halloween night.

We're helping parents out by breaking down the best and worst offenders, thanks to

Among the worst munchies out there is Mr. Goodbar. Yeah, guess it’s really not so good.

Mounds, Baby Ruth and Snickers also landed on the scary list.

Apparently, a Snicker doesn't satisfy your diet too well. The site says a regular-sized bar packs at least 300 calories and 14 grams of fat.

Here’s something to calm your nerves -- Jolly Ranchers, Blow Pop, the good ole candy corn and gob stoppers all get a thumbs up!

Even though these sweets are filled and coated with sugar, the site says they’re lower in fat.

Get this -- three pieces of Jolly’s are only 70 calories.

So remember kids, not only should you watch out for the tricks, you also should check your calorie count on the treats too!

Yeah, right!

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