We Need Pot: Hundreds Rally in Dallas to Legalize Weed

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Dallas -- Ever since weed got the pass in Colorado, folks here in Texas have had high hopes in getting the same justice.

On Saturday, a pro-cannabis crowd gathered at Dallas City Hall to take part in NORML’s Marijuana March.

Folks lined up in front of the mic to speak on their reasoning behind their fight against pot prohibition.

Nine year old Alexis Bortell might have stood out in the crowd, but the epileptic patient is also taking a stand against Texas’ marijuana laws.

“We’re here to support the movement”, said Alexis’ dad, Dean Bortell. “Specialists’ all agree that Cannabis is her best chance at seizure control at night, which is when most of her seizures are.”

One protestor noted that “Cannabis has not killed one person in the history of it being used as medicine.”

So whether it’s to save a life or recreational use, these protestors are all hoping for a change… one march at a time.

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