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Travel & Tension: Cruise Ship Quarantines Ebola Lab Worker

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DALLAS--Here we go again. Another health care worker from Texas Health Presbyterian who may have been exposed to Ebola got on a Carnival Cruise ship in Galveston Sunday.

She was put in quarantine on that ship in Belize.

It's been 19 days since any possible contact and she's not showing any symptoms, but would you wanna be one of the 5,000 people on board?

You gotta ask, why weren't the 77 hospital workers being monitored told not to travel?

Nurse Amber Vinson was allowed to fly home from Cleveland even with a low-grade fever.

The Frontier plane flew from Cleveland to DFW and back, then made round trips to Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta, before the airline got word from the CDC that there was a problem.

Now the airline is calling up to 800 passengers with the bad news. Who knows where they've all been?!

Presby workers may be staying put for now. They're all being asked to sign papers, agreeing not to travel right now.

What about people traveling from Africa? Governor Perry says it's time to shut down the border.

"Air travel is in fact how this disease crosses border and certainly how it got to Texas," Perry said.

Don't worry. The Feds are here to help. Yep, Obama has named Ron Klain his point man on Ebola.  Klain's medical background? None.

But he does have a lot of political experience under his belt. That's just what we need.

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