Flight Risk: Frontier Flight from Ebola Hell

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DALLAS — The flight from Hell. Well, it sure seems that way following the news that nurse who now has Ebola flew from Cleveland to Dallas this week.

She had a slightly elevated fever, no vomiting — thank goodness — when she boarded her flight Monday, one day before testing positive for the deadly disease.

You know what happens next — hit the panic button.

Now, Ohio is dealing with fears about Ebola too.

“It was a huge scare. You know I’m pregnant. There’s a lot of people who touch each other.”

As news about the Frontier flight spread, some schools in Ohio & Texas are being shut down because a handful of students were on that flight.

Garland ISD sent home a letter Thursday saying two schools are being decontaminated because the parents of students at two schools might have been exposed to the nurse on the plane.

In all, 132 passengers on Flight 1143  are being asked to call the CDC. Some are already in voluntary quarantine for 21 days.

The plane in question is out of service. Airline officials say the interior has been cleaned thoroughly, four times.

But now, Frontier is trying to find and alert dozens of passengers who took five other flights on the same plane after Amber Vinson got off at DFW.

According to FlightAware.com, the plane zipped between Dallas, Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta before it was grounded.


Oh boy, here we go again.

How about putting folks who know they’ve been exposed to Ebola on the No Fly List?!

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