Spreading Fear? Third Ebola Case Has Dallas Neighbors On Edge

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DALLAS -- More than 300 Dallas residents got an unusual wake-up call.

“This is an important message from the City of Dallas. Please be advised that a health care worker who lives in your area has tested positive for Ebola,” a robo call from the city said.

Another neighborhood saw tons of media, city officials and people in hazmat suits when they got out of bed Wednesday.

“Late last night, we did receive confirmation. The State Lab in Austin did come back with positive results on the blood work that was pulled from this particular patients,” City of Dallas PIO Sana Syed said.

Amber Vinson, the second nurse diagnosed with Ebola, lives at The Village Bend East Apartments on Skillman.

“About 1:00 [this morning] we started getting our game plan together,” Syed added.

Folks in the area had to stay in their units for about 30 minutes while clean up crews disinfected all the common areas at the complex.

“I’m just concerned that she worked out in the gym possibly. Or was she in the pool over the weekend when everybody else was?  It’s just a little, a little concerning,” resident James Coltharp said.

“It started on the other side of the world and now it’s here in Dallas, Texas 50 yards down the street from where I live," resident Sam Rountree said. "So it’s kind of like, wait a minute, just last week, there was only one case in Dallas.  Now…right down the street.”