Cuttin’ It Short: NBA to Test Run 44 Minute Game

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Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs - Game Seven
NEW YORK CITY — The NBA season hasn’t even tipped off yet, but the 24-second clock is already running. The league’s considering a fast break—cutting down game time.

Instead of 48 minutes, the new game plan calls for 44 minutes.That’s a minute less of running back and forth each quarter.

The reason behind the idea?  The NBA wants to see if it will be an overall “better experience.”

Uhhhh…  better experience for who?

Ok, maybe injury wise it will cover super stars like Dirk or LeBron. Less play time equals less wear and tear.

But, think about it, ticket holders who actually dish out the moola to watch these guys ball out might feel a little short changed.

Why cut down play time? What about commercial breaks instead? And flopping’s gotta go! That’ll save a ton of time.

Halftime shows – i.e. the Mavs dancers and ManiAACs — they can all be sidelined too!

The league will try out the new idea Sunday when the Celtics take on the Nets

If it gets a slam dunk, the D-League will give it a test run before it’s official.