Seattle Surprise: Cowboys Pull Off Big Win Against Seahawks

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DALLAS -- C’mon, admit it! It was hard to sleep last night because you were so damn excited about the Cowboys!

Forget “Sleepless In Seattle” – we were sleepless after Seattle! And forget their 12th man – Demarco is the man! So is Terrance Williams, that catch looked like MJ! 5-1! Who saw this coming? Tied for the best record in the NFC.  We haven't started the season this good since 2007!

Okay, some of you might call the winning streak a mirage, but winning in Seattle is a quality win. The kind of thing that has the country thinking the Boys are legit!

But, we know better than to get ahead of ourselves.

" We are not going to spend a lot of time on this game. We're going to get through it and get ready for the Giants and start preparation for the challenge we have this weekend," explained head coach Jason Garrett.

Well, we expect that cliché response, because after all… we are the Cowboys.

So, take a deep breath each Sunday or Monday and pray no one gets hurt, and hope the football gods bless us.

Cowboy Nation, enjoy this win, it’s been a great start to season.

But don’t jinx anything with Super Bowl talk! Live your life the way the team is, week to week!

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