Cleaning House: Ebola Patient’s Dog Taken from Apartment

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DALLAS -- It’s the second day of disruption on Marquita Street. The block has been taken over by haz-mat crews. Neighbors watch as truck after truck pulls up with chemical drums -- all to disinfect the apartment where nurse Nina Pham, now infected with Ebola, was living.

“I was a nurse and I just feel bad for her because health care professionals put themselves in situations where you try to do everything right and something bad can happen,” neighbor Terry Pulling said.

But, there was a small situation inside that was causing a big problem; his name is Bentley.

Nina Pham has a King Charles Spaniel, and he was stuck in the apartment when his owner was hospitalized. Turns out, dogs can carry the Ebola virus, and show no symptoms.

“The fact the she has a dog makes it a little bit more intimidating because nobody is really answering our questions about how it is spread between dogs,” neighbor Chelsea Lehew said.

So the question was, what to do with Bentley?

Mayor Mike Rawlings promised Bentley would not be euthanized, like the dog belonging to the nurse in Spain.

Haz-mat crews waited all day to get inside the apartment in Marquita. Late Monday afternoon, officials apparently found a safe place to put Bentley.

Somehow, we don’t think Bentley or Nina will want to call this place home again.

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