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Loud Crowd: Cowboys Gear Up For Seattle Showdown

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VALLEY RANCH - Bet you didn’t see this coming! When the NFL schedule was released, nobody would’ve predicted that in this week’s matchup between Dallas and the Seattle Seahawks, it would be the Cowboys who had the better record.

Yeah, it’s okay to smile. There’s no team in the NFL with a better record than the 'Boys. But is it all just an early season mirage?

Well, you better believe this team will be tested on Sunday against the odds on favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl, going into one of the loudest stadiums in the league.

“We gotta be prepared in all phases, especially how loud the stadium is,” Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant said. “We’ve just got to be prepared to get ready for the Super Bowl champs.”

“They don`t try to trick you,” tight end Jason Witten added. “They`re just really good at what they do and we`ve got to be able to embrace that and know that it`s gonna be a fight.”

Let’s be honest, no one will be stunned if Dallas loses on Sunday. Not even Peyton Manning could pull out a win in Seattle. But hey, 4-2 is still way better off than almost anyone could’ve predicted.

And, if the Cowboys do upsets the ‘Hawks? Well then, maybe the team wasn’t so presumptuous after all when they sent out NFC Championship Game tickets to season ticket holders back in the pre-season.

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