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Shot Season: Ebola Stirs Fears But Flu Still The Threat

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DALLAS - It’s a deadly virus, it’s everywhere, and it can kill up to 36,000 people a year in the U.S.

Nope, it’s not Ebola. It’s just the flu!

Yeah, Ebola might be trending on Twitter, but it’s still the flu that should have you using hand sanitizer 10 times a day.

“As far as the intensity, the severity and the length of the flu season that we`re now in, I can`t predict that,” said Christopher Perkins, the Health Authority Medical Director for the Dallas County Health and Human Services. “But the best way to protect yourself from the flu that`s going to occur this season is to get the flu vaccine.”

So has the 'viral' sensation of Ebola taken the focus off of the eighth leading cause of death in the country?

“The threat, as far as what we have here in the United States, is more from the flu -- the seasonal flu -- and we have the way to minimize the impact on our citizens by getting the flu vaccine,” said Dr. Perkins.

So in other words, less time spent prepping for an Ebola Doomsday and more Flu Focus.

Hey, it’s worth noting that the two viruses do share some of the same symptoms -- like fever, headaches and weakness.

So if you find yourself under the weather, chances are you just need bed rest and chicken noodle soup… not a Hazmat suit.

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