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Need For Disclosure: Is it OK for Landlords To Not Mention Ebola History?

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DALLAS -- The same apartment that Eric Duncan spent almost a week in has been scrubbed down by a hazamat crew and stripped of all the carpets and blinds.

Hmmm… does that mean the quarantined quarter will one day be rented to a brand new tenant?

And if so, would that unsuspecting tenant be told about the apartments’’ dark history?

Let’s be honest here… if they were, would anyone ever want to live here?

Well, Sandy Rollins over at Texas Tenants Union says landlords don’t legally have to disclose unpleasant things that happen inside a rental—like murders or suicides.

But what about Ebola?

“In terms of Ebola, I don’t think it’s something that necessarily needs to be done”, explained Sandy.

“The scientists say this is something that’s contracted through bodily fluids, so bodily fluids are not in the walls.”

Well, the virus might not be in the walls, but the fact that this joint was ground zero for the first case of Ebola ever diagnosed in the U.S.; might scare folks off. Just saying

But I guess in this case … what you don’t know won’t hurt you, right?

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