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Dog Pains: Vet Clinic Using Indoor Pool to Rehab Pets

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LEWISVILLE -- We all get aches and pains every once in a while, and our four legged friends get them, too.

“I know how difficult life can be if you`re in pain, and I can see they were in pain," dog owner Paula Belekis said.

Turns out, her dog Betty has arthritis in her knee and Bruno was having a rough time, too.

“I think he just took too hard of a jump and just tore his ACL just like a football player does,” Belekis said.

So, Beleckis headed to Advanced Care Veterinary Services in Lewisville where they use all types of therapies to help out these cuddly critters.

“’We have all the bells and whistles. We do rehabilitation and we also do physical therapy,” Dr. Douglas Stramel explained. Stramel owns and operates Veterinary Services.

Some of those bells and whistles include a chemical free indoor pool. Jim Riley’s dog, Maggie, has a bad knee; working on her doggie paddle in the pool is one way to get her back on all four paws.

“It causes all of her limbs to exorcise in a floating environment so she doesn't have the weight on,” Riley said.

They've got a treadmill too,  along with doggie obstacle course and core strengthening.

Dr. Stramel says helping the pets get around easier is a pretty gratifying gig, and the world could always use some more PAWS-itivity… get it?

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