Appropriate App: ICE Creates App to Locate Child Predators

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Dallas, TX—There’s over a million apps out there.  From crushing candy, to finding a house, you know -- ‘there’s an app for that.’  Now, there’s an app to get child predators off the street.

“In September 2013, ICE was the first law enforcement agency to announce or roll out any sort of application,” Carl Rusnok, Spokesman for the Central Region of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

The app is called ‘Operation Predator’ and now there’s versions for android and in Spanish.

You can get alerts about wanted predators, see the latest arrests, and submit a tip from the palm of your hand. Hey! Just days after its launch, the app helped agents nab a suspect within 36-hours.

“There’s all sorts of news you can access from the app -- people charged, or convicted, or sentenced with possessing child pornography, producing child pornography, or sharing child pornography,” Rusnok explained.

The public can help the pros put these guys away.

“I’ll tell ya, Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigates an awful lot.  But, as far as sexually molesting children, that is one of the worst crimes we have to deal with,” Rusnok added.  “Any way that we can help identify the people who are doing that and rescue their victims, that’s important.”

Operation Predator is free in your app store, so you don’t pay a thing.  However, if one of these suspects are arrested, they’ll realize crime doesn’t pay either.

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