Teen Devastated Beyonce ‘Lied to Me!’ After Surgery

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This is my 17 year old son who just came out of dental surgery. He had his wisdom teeth removed. He is upset because his idol Beyonce never showed up.  (YouTube user Christine Livingston)

When 17-year-old Cody Lanphere began crying on the way home from having his wisdom teeth removed, upset that Beyonce had lied to him and not shown up as (he believed, while under the effects of anesthesia, etc.) she had promised, Cody’s mom had to post the video.

“Where’s Beyonce?” he emotionally asks as they begin the car ride home.

“Beyonce couldn’t make it,” his mom explains.

“She promised me she’d be here,” Cody says, devastated with the sudden realization that his idol is nowhere to be found.

“Well, she couldn’t make it,” his mom explains, again. “It’s gonna be okay.”

But that’s when the real waterworks begin.

“She lied to me!” Cody cries. Cries. Cody is crying. This handsome, grown, 17-year-old young man is crying real tears — the kind that require two hands to wipe away from sad eyes.

Poor guy. Probably the only thing worse than having Beyonce no-show you is to realize you are dying.

Cody begins belching a few minutes later — from the gas, his mother assures him — and he thinks it’s all over. “What was that? Did you hear that?” he asks.

“You burped. It’s from the gas,” she explains.

More burps. More tears.

“I’m dying,” Cody cries. Poor Cody. He’s not ready to die.

Can it get any worse? Yes.

Cody’s hands touch the top of his t-shirt and he discovers… his heart is missing.

“What are you looking for?” his mom asks.

“Where’s my heart??” Cody replies, looking frantically down his shirt in search of the lost organ. Fortunately, Cody seems to forget or no longer care about whatever it is he was looking for.

After some more serious drama we’re sure Cody has no memory of and a short nap later, Cody rolls down his window and exclaims, “I look like a super model!”

But then, it’s back to the world of Beyonce. When his mom tells him to put his head back and just breathe, Cody tells her, sassy pointed finger and all — “I am Beyonce. You don’t tell me what to do.”

But then guess what he does? He puts his head back and breathes.

Always listen to your mom. And always forgive Queen Bey when she no-shows your minor surgeries.