No Vote City: Last Day to Register to Vote

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DALLAS – Voter registration in the Lone Star state is officially a wrap.
So how many folks in the DFW signed up so they can cast their ballot come November? Hate to tell you, but Monday was the last day to do that.

Now we know a lot has been going on in the world – ISIS, typhoons, volcanoes and of course Ebola, which has now hit a bit too close to home.

Maybe people have just been too busy worrying. But there’s a lot of issues like same-sex marriage, abortion and education reform to worry about too. So you’d thinks folks would be gung-ho about making sure they have a say in who’s running things in Texas.

Well, not so fast.

Turns out North Texas is one of the least signed up areas in the state – beating out Houston and Austin – according to a report by the Texas Secretary of State. We’re talking 490,000 eligible, but unregistered voters.

"I've always believed in voting, I been voting for years and years and years,” Clifford Harris said.

"A lot of people have a lot of apathy towards voting because they don't really think that it matters,” Jerry Russell said.

Is that vote of no confidence or what?

Well, there’s 28 days until Election Day, and for better or worse, we’ll be electing a new Governor for the great state of Texas.