Point Of Contact: Homeless Man Who Rode in Ebola Ambulance Located

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DALLAS -- "The bottom line here in Dallas is contact tracing. That's how we're going to stop the outbreak in its tracks, making sure that every person who had contact with the individual when he might have been infectious, is monitored every day for 21 days,” CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said.

In theory, that sounds great but what happens when you can’t find one of those contacts? Well, that was the case Sunday morning in the constantly evolving Ebola epic in Dallas.

Turns out, cops were looking for a homeless man who reportedly rode in the same ambulance that transported Thomas Duncan.

The missing man was considered low risk. He was eventually found and taken to Parkland Hospital.

“You have my word that your every need will be taken care of during that monitoring period," Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said in a public appeal during the search for the man.

The good news? We’re told the man doesn’t have symptoms.

The CDC says after assessing 114-people, 10 are still considered high risk. The number includes seven health care workers and three family members.

Then there’s Youngor Jallah, She says she was with Duncan when he was sick. So far, she’s just be monitored at her place at the Park Lane Terrace Apartment in Dallas. Health officials say she’s raised some concerns about her situation.

Meanwhile, the index patient, Thomas Duncan, doesn't appear to be doing well. He’s still in critical condition, and the CDC says they’re fresh out of ZMapp. It's same miracle drug that saved Fort Worth doctor, Kent Brantley.

Looks like Duncan’s status isn't the only critical situation in Dallas.

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