October Sky: Clean Up On-Going After North Texas Storms

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NORTH TEXAS – Some 85,000 people are still without power across North Texas, as Oncor crews work through the night to help get customers back online.

On Thursday, vicious storms swept through the area. Even though they were fairly brief, the damage that was left behind is going to take a pretty long time to repair. One of the places hit the hardest? Arlington.

"I saw insulation blowing everywhere, ceiling tiles, stuff like that. It was not a good thing,” Steven Johnson said. Johnson is a Sophomore at Arlington Baptist College.

The Arlington Baptist College campus suffered some pretty extensive damage from the 90-mph winds. Several students came together to help clean up what they could.

"Everybody knows everybody, everybody loves everybody. We're all here for each other,” Johnson said.

And from Arlington to Fort Worth, plans for the historic 1930’s-built Stagecoach Hotel building will be a bit altered after a storm made a wall come tumbling down.

"We're always sad when a wall falls down in the Stockyard. We try to save everything that's old,” Steve Murrin, owner of Murrin Properties, said. "We've got some clean-up and some construction to do."

Power crews will work 24/7 through the weekend to help get things back to normal for the remaining powerless people. But for some, it’ll take more than a few days to cope with what was lost.