Gemma Makes Music in the Kitchen

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Some might compare a gratifying dining experience to a superb musical performance. Every detail must hit the right note.If anything is off key, or out of rhythm, it could affect the whole piece.

Well, for one couple, the applause and adulation doesn't come from the stage, rather from their culinary performance at their restaurant off of North Henderson.

The creation of husband and wife team Stephen Rogers & Allison Yoder, Gemma has become a favorite for those looking for a getaway close to home. Praised for their hospitality, the food bistro opened the day after Christmas last year.

Allison Yoder says, "We specialize in the farm to table cuisine. Which is local when possible definnietley based around the seasons."

Stephen Yoder has to be a little creative when working with a seasonal menu.

Photo by Brad Murano  PAPPARDELLE

Photo by Brad Murano PAPPARDELLEgemma_marple_6n2a4712

The cuisine ranges from Pappardelle (braised rabbit, pancetta, Swiss chard, thyme ) to chicken and steak and a lot of seafood. See more of their menu here.

The restaurant's impressive wine selection has made Gemma a popular spot for a post-play nightcap. It helps that the restaurant is open till one in the morning.