Coming Clean: Family Moved from Ebola Apartment

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DALLAS - Ebola scare day three. And what's finally here -- a Hazmat team ready to scrub down the place where Thomas Duncan stayed.

Cleaning and moving out. The four people Duncan had contact with will remain under quarantine somewhere else -- an undisclosed location.

"There's room to roam there. It's an area inside the City of Dallas, and it's an area away from other people," Judge Clay Jenkins said late Friday.

"They're obviously worried about their health. They're concerned about your health as well."

Back at the apartment, crews wearing protective gear, scrubbed and disinfected Duncan's contaminated apartment. Things like bedding and sheets are gone. Once again, hard to believe it's been so long.

"We're going to move them to a special storage. As a fire marshal and fire department, we have every right to do that," De Los Santos said. "They'll be disposed of properly through the guidelines from the government."

The CDC now says the the possible contact list that rapidly expanded from 18 to 100 is now at 50 people -- 10 of which the CDC is calling "high risk." The 10 includes paramedics and hospital and lab workers that came in contact with Duncan.

So far, we're told no one other than Duncan has symptoms.

He's still in serious condition at Presbyterian. The hospital admitted a work flow screw-up Thursday with electronic paperwork that allowed Duncan to be sent home after his first visit there.

Four Dallas ISD schools where five exposed children attended are also getting a scrub down.

And on Monday, they are getting something else. The company Wello is donating high-tech scanners than can quickly detect a fever.

One of those scanners could be used in D.C. Another potential Ebola patient is being evaluated there. So begins a weekend of temperature taking, symptom watching and hope no one else gets sick.