Beefed Up: Kids Take Top Honors in State Fair Livestock Auction

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DALLAS -- "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig"…or a goat... or a steer!

“We have our 66th Annual Youth Livestock Auction occurring right now in the sale pavilion behind me,” said Karissa Schuler, State Fair of Texas Director of Public Relations.

These farmyard friends are up for auction and get this -- young cowgirls and cowboys raised all these animals.

“Well, it’s a lot of work. First you have to go out and buy and sell the pigs,” Reagan Wagner, who raises animals said.

“It’s a lot of hard work trying not to burn the house down, ya the eggs,” said 10-year-old Brady Wilson.

“Work with them, walk them around, feed them properly so you can raise them right,” Wagner added.

“Feed them, water them, make them get up and eat,” Wilson said.

But hey, all that hard work literally pays off.

“Hoping to make a lot of money,” Wagner smiled.

These high-rollin’ bidders pay big bucks for these barnyard buddies.  III Forks Restaurant purchased the grand champion steer for $112,000.

Wow! But it’s about more than the money. $30,000 of that will go to the young person who raised Buzz.

“And the rest will go into the Texas State Fair Youth Scholarship Fund to help fund children to go to college throughout the state,” Schuler said.

“Possibly future ranchers and future farmers of America for us being in the food service industry, we need them to help us in the future,” Chris Vogli with III Forks said.

But Buzz's future won't involve the food service industry.

“He will not be going to market, he will be living his life with some native Texas Longhorns and some Black Angus, so we`re going to enjoy watching him develop naturally on the ranch,” CEO of Consolidated Restaurant Operations John D. Harkey said.

Looks like Buzz will be moooo-vin' on out.