School Days: Richardson Students Had Contact with Ebola Patient

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RICHARDSON, TX -- More Ebola fallout in Dallas. Three students were sent home from a Richardson elementary school Thursday. They're among almost 100 folks in DFW who had kind of contact with the Ebola patient being treated at Presbyterian hospital.

Five other DISD students related to Thomas Eric Duncan have been home since Monday, and are being monitored for any signs of the deadly disease.

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Parents at Conrad High School, Tasby Middle School, and  Hotchkiss and Rogers Elementary Schools all got letters letting them know what was going on and assuring their kids are not in danger.

Needless to say, some parents are a little freaked out. To help calm those fears, DISD has set up an Ebola hotline (972) 925-5810

“This can turn up at anywhere at any time, and we need to be preparing ourselves for that circumstance and get these folks identified through procedures such as fever screening,” said  Dr. Murray Cohen,  head of medical advisory group at Wello.

One company hoping to help ease parents fears is Wello. They've created a new way to  help DISD deal with all this crisis free of charge.

“Children, teachers, visitors, everybody who walks in the school and with in a mater of  seconds their temperature is read very accurately. No touch, you just look into this device,” Dr. Cohen said.

After you get your hands-free fever check, that information is sent to a cloud storage system. School administrators get an alert if anyone's temp is running a bit hot.

Dr. Cohen says this scanner has a lot of advantages over traditional thermometers. Since it's completely hands-free, it doesn't spread unwanted germs.

“On an everyday basis, it would be very good for detecting you know sick kids and keeping them out of school and other outbreaks from occurring like the flu, colds and what have you,” said Dr. Cohen

The folks at Wello are currently talking with DISD about placing this high tech thermometer in their schools. Which could help keep parents' fears from hitting a fever pitch.