Salt & Ice Challenge: Kids Engage in Not-So-Smart Behavior

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PITTSBURGH-Alright parents, it's time to take note, here's another edition of kids engaging in not-so-smart behavior. We've all heard of the cinnamon challenge and the set yourself on fire challenge but now kids are taking to YouTube to post videos of the salt and ice challenge.

Haven’t heard of it? Well, the idea is to pour salt on your body and hold an ice cube on your skin as the ice melts, it causes a burning sensation. The last one to remove the ice wins.

Yeah, but in this game, no one really wins. A 12-year-old from Pittsburgh reportedly left ice on his skin for 20 minutes and now has second degree burns.

Moral of the story, melting your skin off to prove you're a tough guy, might not be so cool!

We call this challenge, a cold hard fail.