Out of Bounds? Cowboys Player Accused of Sexual Assault

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VALLEY RANCH, TX - There's another controversy involving another NFL Player. This time, it's a Dallas Cowboy.

C.J. Spillman, a Cowboys safety, has been accused of sexual assault.

The incident allegedly took place at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine on September 20 -- the day before the Cowboys played at St. Louis.

Grapevine PD says it's investigating the report, but that there have been no charges or arrests at this time.

Spillman was on the practice field Thursday and Coach Garrett was clear that's where he'll stay, unless charges are filed.

"[He'll] take part in everything with our football team at this time, unless the circumstances change" said the head coach.

Spillman is a newcomer to the Cowboys. He just signed in late August after being cut by the 49ers. He plays mostly on special teams.

Spillman only has one tackle on the season, but it looks like the could have one big issue if charges are filed.

"We've been very clear with our team about consequences that there will be if there is a situation where charges or arrests are made for a crime." Garrett said on Thursday.

He added, "That doesn't apply in this particular case."

In the end, this could go nowhere. Just a complaint. But when you look at what the NFL has been deal with over and over again, this is not the news anybody wants to hear.