Ebola Contact Tracing Expands to 100

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DALLAS -- 48-hours into Dallas’ efforts to contain Ebola, and it seems limited answers aren’t enough to calm concerns.

On Tuesday, when our nation’s first Ebola patient was confirmed in our backyard, the CDC had this reassuring message…

"We're stopping it in its tracks in this country," Thomas Frieden said.

At that point,  we were told health officials were looking at a handful of people possibly exposed to infected patient – 42-year-old Thomas Eric Duncan.

By Wednesday, the circle of contact expanded to 18 to include five children. Those exposed kids, attended four different Dallas schools this week.

But again, this was the collective message: “The public can be assured, you’re going to be safe,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said.

Now,  just one day later, the CDC says it’s now monitoring close to 100-people and Duncan’s family is now quarantined.

“Last night, we placed orders on the family,” Jenkins explained. “This is a matter that we have a high degree of confidence in control.”

So far, no one is showing any symptoms. But, as information changes on the daily, it appears the only thing officials can contain, are answers.

So, is it any wonder why apprehension continues to spread?