Careless Cop: Watch Officer Refuse to Help Mom Held at Gunpoint

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DALLAS —Dallas Police released a shocking video that has one Dallas PD veteran officer fired.

Back in August, Miesha Kilson screamed for help on the side of the road, when she said her estranged boyfriend, Steven Douglas, was threatening her with a gun.

Police say he was shooting and ramming her car.  Right then, Senior Corporal Leslie Richardson drives up in a cop car.  It appeared to be a good break for Kilson, but then, he’s the one that makes a break.

The video shows the officer stopping near a distraught Kilson pointing out the attacker.  Richardson then said, “Right here what, baby I’m on a call,” and he drove off -- all while smoking a cigarette.

Douglas kidnapped the two young children in the car at gun point.  He dropped them off at his mother’s.  They took off on a wild police chase that ended at an auto shop on the corner of Lake June and Prairie Creek.

The kids were found safe with a relative, but everyone didn’t walk away from that chase alive.  Police shot and killed Douglas when he pulled out a gun.

Kilson was too upset to talk about the incident with NewsFix Thursday. But you can’t help but wonder -- could this chase have ended differently, if this officer would have just stopped to protect and serve?