Another Virus: Dallas Enterovirus Child Suffers from Paralysis

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DALLAS – Ebola isn’t the only epidemic getting attention in Dallas.  At Children’s Medical Center, they’re turning their sights on patients like Bryan Sotelo.

“He was coughing and fever,” Bryan’s mother, Yadira Garcilazo said.

Garcilazo, a single mom, was worried about her son Bryan.  She took him to a hospital in Allen, twice on July 28 and again the next day.

“The doctor say he had cold,” Garcilazo said.

They were sent home with medicine, but then things got worse.  A lot worse.

“I was completely scared when he told me the next day,” Garcilazo explains. “Mom I cannot move my arm.  I said your kidding.  He said no, I am not kidding.”

Bryan was rushed to a Plano hospital this time and eventually landed at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

By the time he got an MRI, he had lost all feeling in his body, except his left arm.  He could no longer breath on his own too.

Michael Sebert, M.D.:

“He was found at that time to be positive on a respiratory test for what`s Rhinovirus or Enterovirus,” Dr. Michael Sebert explained. “We’re interested to find out if indeed it’s EV-D68.”

Enterovirus D68 has spread across the country with 500 cases confirmed by the CDC including 10 in Dallas County and one in Denton County.

Almost a dozen cases of polio-like paralysis have been reported in kids with EV-D68 and most alarming is four kids have now died.

“It is an abundance of caution, but it`s also trying to learn more what nationally may be going on with this Enterovirus,”  Sebert, explains.  “To learn whether or not we are seeing a new type of disease associated with that virus.”

Waiting on his results, Bryan continues his therapy.

“And right now he is actually starting to breath on his own,” Bridgett Rippy, Respiratory Care Practitioner, explains.  “But we still keep the airway in until we know for a fact they can go long term breathing on their own and being able to clear their own secretions and cough on their own.’

He says he felt weak when he was sick, but today feels good.

Still only able to move his left arm.  Bryan is moving to Baylor for more therapy.  His recovery could take several months or up to two years.  Hey, get better buddy!!!