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Scared To Death: Casket Prank Lands Dallas Brother Behind Bars

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DALLAS - Okay, we've all witnessed pranks. Hey, some of us have even pulled a few, but one Dallas woman never imagined her brother would dig up their dead dad's body!

Cops won’t release the name or mug shot of the brother behind this shameless stunt, but Dallas PD did reveal the details leading up to his arrest.

Early Tuesday, cops responded to a call claiming someone had broken into a hearse at Hughes Crown Hill Funeral Home.

By the time they arrived, the bandit had escaped.

Meanwhile, another call came in from a woman claiming her dad been delivered to her home on Browder Street.

Well, the cops showed up and that’s when the brother apparently confessed to the dirty deed. Dad wasn’t inside the stolen casket.

Turns out, it was just a family plot.

While this casket caper is still under investigation, the brother has been arrested for public intoxication.

Oh, okay, that explains everything. We think he’s gonna be grounded for sure.

Sorry, tomb much?

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