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Mudslinging Time: 2nd Gubernatorial Debate Tonight in Dallas

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DALLAS – It’s round two for Abbott and Davis, right here in Dallas.

If it’s anything like the last debate -- in Edinburg –well, it’ll be a lot of statements, spin doctoring and mugging for the cameras. And both Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott will say they won. Although, based on the latest poll numbers, Davis still has a lot of work to do to make-up Abbott’s 12 point lead.

This debate will feature some longer Q&A discussions on the issues. You can bet there will be talk of Davis recently accusing Abbott of a “cover-up” when it comes to his oversight of tax dollar supported business enterprise fund. Abbott’s camp called the accusation 'political posturing.'

Mudslinging is in full season, folks!

And it seems so is a bit of self-analysis, kind of like what Governor Perry did this morning – talking about what went wrong in his 2012 campaign for President.
"I did not prepare,” Perry said. “I was a bit arrogant. I had been elected governor three times. What could be harder than that? Being the governor of Texas?"

Arrogant? Maybe it’s just another way to say ‘bad debating skills.’ That’s a moment these two want to avoid tonight.

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