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Freak Out Time? Dallas Docs Discuss Risk Posed by Ebola Patient

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DALLAS--A lot of people may be ready to freak out over an Ebola case in North Texas.  But how concerned should you be, really?

The CDC and the docs at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital had answers for all your obvious questions like:

How dangerous is the situation for people who might have flown on the plane with the patient from Africa?
Is the patient's family in North Texas at risk?
How about someone who's in the same hospital, or just visiting a patient?

"It is not an airborne disease," said Dr. Edward Goodman of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where the patient is being treated

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But we know some of you are gonna want to take every precaution:

  • Washing your hands a lot
  • Avoiding contact with blood or body fluids from anyone, especially if they're sick.

Well, we do have a problem with one patient.  We're praying for him or her and really hoping this is the first and last case of Ebola around here.

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