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#BeBallsy: Man Pushes Giant Ball To Raise Cancer Awareness

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In perhaps one of the ballsiest pushes known to man, Thomas Cantley is raising eyebrows and money for testicular cancer by pushing a giant ball from California to New York.

Cantley, a testicular cancer survivor, is well-equipped with his six-foot-ball. He wants to encourage other men to man up and check 'em, and the response has been nuts! In true ballsy fashion, Cantley quit his job, sold his house and now relies on the kindness of strangers for shelter, food and gas.

Let's face it, a conversation about checking “the boys” might be a little awkward,but as the leading cancer in young men ages 15 to 35, testi talk is a must.

The good news? It's highly survivable with a nearly 99 percent survival rate. Cantley reached his halfway mark after dribbling into Texas this week.

So far, he's traveled more than 1,700 miles.

Well, no matter what you call 'em, family jewels, gonads, or testicles, Cantley's mission to get the conversation rolling is coming to a town near you.

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