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Vicious Virus: Enterovirus Infects North Texas Kids

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DALLAS – If you’re waiting for EV D68 to let up, don’t hold your breath.

Enterovirus D68, the respiratory illness that’s sweeping the nation, is now hitting kids in North Texas.

Three kids were admitted to Medical City this weekend with symptoms, and there are another 10 confirmed cases in Dallas County.

The scare goes beyond Texas with 277 cases in over 40 states and counting. Even scarier, in Colorado, there are nine cases with Polio-like Paralysis at just one hospital. At least four are linked to EV D68.

The CDC is now working with the Dallas County Health Department to investigate this outbreak.

"We don't know why we're seeing this virus throughout the United States," said Zach Thompson, Director of Dallas County Health and Human Services. “It started in the Mid-west and the North and it's just mushroomed throughout."

So how can folks, especially parents, prevent their kids from getting this nasty bug? They can’t. But something as simple as hand-washing can make a big difference.

"We're encouraging parents to definitely work with your children on washing their hands with soap and water, not with hand sanitizer,” Thompson said.

And if your kid is sick, keep them home.

Now, there is some good news. The CDC says EV D68 circulates in the summer and fall. Hopefully, we can let it go before the cold season kicks in.

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