Oh My Josh: Brent Back Day After ‘Boys Blast Saints

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VALLEY RANCH - Guess who’s back? Josh Brent returned to Valley Ranch on Monday. The NFL is letting him go to team meetings and workout in the weight room -- two weeks earlier than his initial suspension called for.

“The biggest emphasis that we have with Josh is to make sure he gets himself settled back as a human being, as a man,” said Head Coach Jason Garrett on Monday. “We feel like being around football, his livelihood, his passion, can be good for him.”

He still won’t be able to play until November 23, but it looks like this awful chapter is closing less than three years after the drunk driving accident that killed Brent’s teammate and friend, Jerry Brown.

Brent’s return was just some of the excitement around the Cowboys the day after the team crushed the Saints 38-17.

“We wanna shred defenses, that`s the receiver corp mindset," said Dez Bryant, Sunday night after the game. “That`s what we wanna do. That`s exactly what we did tonight.”

It might have been the best game the team has played in years, building a 31-3 lead going into the fourth quarter.

But is this team legit? Well, Garrett sure isn’t listening to anything anyone has to say about his team, good or bad.

“Whatever anybody wants to say about our football team, good, bad or indifferent, it’s not really something that we pay a lot of attention to,” said the head coach, who is 3-1 for the first time.

Well, you can forgive fans for being cautious too quickly. Twenty years of heartbreak can wear you down. But at least on Monday, the stars were shining bright for the 2014 Cowboys.

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