Billionaires of DFW: North Texas Home to Forbes Billionaires

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DALLAS -- While some can only dream about owning bulging moneybags, others are actually fortunate to be billionaires.

Forbes just released its annual list of the 400-wealthiest Americans. Or, as we like to call it -- the ‘Why Can’t that be Me?’ list.

Turns out,  when it comes to fortunes, Dallas-Fort Worth breaks the bank. Yeah, get a load of this: North Texas is home to some 20 billionaires on the list. Can you say cha-ching?

So, who are these Texas tycoons? Well, let’s start with Alice Walton. She's the 9th richest person in the country, and the heir to Walmart. She’s worth almost $35-billion bucks.

Then there are the familiar rich kids: energy mogul Ray Hunt ‘s $6. 1 billion fortune landed him at number 81.

Mr. Dallas Cowboys himself, Jerry Jones, scores the 117th spot. His worth? A cool $4.2 billion.

Coming in at number 129: Ross Perot, Sr. with $3.9 billion

Of course Mavs man Mark Cuban dunked his spot, number 225, with $2.7 billion big ones

How’s that for mad cash, Mr. Monopoly?

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