Too Late to Sue? Jerry Jones Wants Stripper Lawsuit Tossed Out

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DALLAS, TX — The Cowboys’ game might be on Sunday, but there’s already drama building before the New Orleans Saints roll intojones stripper Arlington. The legal team for Jerry Jones had a hot date with a judge in a lawsuit involving a former stripper.

Jana Weckerly is suing the billionaire businessman for more than a million dollars. That’s not exactly chump change.

Weckerly claims she was intimidated and bullied to keep quiet about an alleged sexual assault in 2009. Her proof of the encounter with Jones came in the form of snapshots. The pictures showing Jones with young women surfaced all over the internet just before the team’s training camp in California.

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According to the court filings, Weckerly says Jones and the Cowboys paid her off in exchange for her silence about the incident.

Friday’s courtroom clash was over the statute of limitations and whether the lawsuit will be dismissed.

At the end of the day, the judge decided not to issue a ruling in the case. Another hearing has been set for October 16.

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