Shots Then Shots: OKC Gun Range Serves Alcohol

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – So you’re feeling like getting a few shots off, what do you do? Head to the gun range of course. And if you feel like having a few shots after – head to the gun range?

Wait, what?

Yep, at least at the Wilshire Gun Range in Oklahoma City you can.

Now we know what you’re thinking – mixing guns and alcohol just sounds like a bad idea. But the folks at Wilshire assure that the only mixing go on, will strictly be of drinks.

How? After getting a wristband, once a shooter is done at the range – and ready for a drink – they have to get their ID checked. And this isn’t only to check the shooter’s date of birth, but more importantly to get scanned into the system. A system that will deny a shooter access to shoot again.

"Once they've secured their firearm and presented their ID,  that ensures that they are then locked out of all the ranges either as a shooter or spectator for the remainder of the day,” General Manager Jeffery Swanson said.

Okay, that makes sense.

So guns, then drinks? Sounds safe enough – that is, unless a gun toter who had a couple gets cut off on the way home. Then there could be trouble.

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