It’s the Size of the Fight In The Dog

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Well at nine inches of fun in a bun, this Hot Dog has size and bite. Samson's Gourmet Hotdogs in Oaklawn is about to celebrate its one year anniversary.

Capture4Samson's Hotdog Photo Courtesy of Troy Gardner

It's gaining a cult following of sorts. Partly through clever marketing like the Weenie Club below. Or their Disco Dog which is often the most photographed thing in the restaurant.

Fight Club knock off for Samson's Gourmet HotdogsCapture3

But mostly through word of mouth from satisfied patrons of their gourmet wiener.

Troy Gardnerdogs3

Owner and chef Troy Gardner knows about making good food. He ran the popular Exposition Park cafe years ago, but wanted to have a little more freedom to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Troy explains, " I had a brilliant idea, I said my next restaurant I`m going to make it where we make everything from scratch but I don`t have to be there all day every day. "

Cluckit  customers2

And so Troy decided to simplify his menu. But Samson's Hot Dogs are anything but simple.

With Vegan offerings such as the Veginator, (pronounced with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent) a Veggie Dog, Vegan Chili, Quinoa & Lentil Salad, Fresh Onions, Vegan Cheese & Smoked Pickled Jalepenos.

Or a meaty treat with the Smokers Delight. A smoked brat, married with smoked chipotle beef chili, smoked paprika hummas, guacamole, cheddar and smoked chipotle sauce.

Samson's takes the hotdog to a different level. So you might be wondering how they got their name. Well owner Troy Gardner locks of hair was the inspiration, when they were looking for a strong sounding name. They have a food truck which can be seen around town at various events. Check their facebook to find out where.


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