Governor’s Race: Candidates Speak to Education Leaders

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DALLAS -- The race for Governor is entering the final stretch and on Friday the mudslinging made a stop in Big D.

Both Gubernatorial Candidates were in town to speak to members of the Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Boards.  Yea, that's a lot of educators.

As expected, Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott schooled each other on the topic of school funding.

"Cuts to our schools aren't liberal or conservative their just plain dumb," Davis said.

You may remember the issue was big talking point during last week's televised debate.

"I will help teachers be more effective by providing more training, more tools and more resources," Abbott promised.

"At this point in time I think that Ms. Davis had some good answers to some of the problems we been having," Maria Leal, Board Member for the South Texas ISD, said.  "I thought Mr. Abbott was really...when you have a high plan, but your not going to tell us how your going to fix it. Never said anything about the money and he is the one holding the money."

Well if you didn't know, there's another candidate who's studying the big issues and is also running for Governor.  Libertarian Kathie Glass wasn't invited to last week's debate, so she protested today outside KERA's building in Dallas.

She brought a familiar face too.  Big Bird!

Glass has her own take on education.  She says the financing structure needs a complete overhaul and school property taxes need to be abolished.

"Instead of educating our children who love liberty we`re indoctrinating them to except conformity," said Glass.

If you watched the kids perform at the convention.  You might disagree.

Well there you have it.  We're off to the races.  Destination November 4th.

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