Fighting Ourselves: The Cost of War with ISIS

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Just when it seemed like the wars were finally winding down, a new one has started. Okay, at least we`re not sending more troops into Iraq, right?

"We will be sending additional troops into Iraq - not a ground war,  just supporting," President Barack Obama recently said.

Well, apparently we are at war with ISIS. But, ironically, some of our key targets were made in the USA. That's right. You see, as a gift to honor their freedom, the U.S. gave Iraq lots of weapons and vehicles so they could defend themselves.

Recently, when ISIS rolled into town, the Iraqis got scared and fled the area, leaving all their things behind. ISIS took a look around and thought, 'Hey, we could use these,' and somehow drove away with U.S.-made Humvees, tanks, and more.

So, one key to winning is destroying the weapons that they`re, let's say, borrowing from us. Let`s take a look at some of the costs involved with doing this.

Take, for example a Tomahawk Missile. Each one costs $1.5M. We`ve used 47 of them since Monday. Then, there's the F-22 Raptor. More than $100M each to build, and they 'cost about $62,000/hour to fly. We sent 48 of those to Syria.

Now, the Humvee. Each one costs around $250k. We`ve destroyed 41 of our own Humvees since August. Last month The Pentagon estimated that this war, which could last for years, will cost more than $7.5-million per day.

By the way, the U.S. has responded to Iraq by offering new military equipment so they can win this war on their own. Does any of this make sense?

While there are many unknowns, President Obama has assured us of one thing...

"This will be a long, on-going war, we can never stop."

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