Deep Fried Fun: Opening Weekend at the State Fair

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DALLAS -- Some people wait the whole year for this time-honored tradition. The State Fair. Corny dogs, turkey legs, rides and new cars beckon Texans and others to the annual event.
The Bowes family visiting from Canada works on making a plan of action for how to tackle the tons of offerings at the fair. One member looks for sports-related activities while the other suggest they head toward the smell of food.
barron family
Others like the Barren Family from Oak Cliff are continuing the family tradition of attending opening day. The family of seven says they go to where the kids want first, then do what the rest want. But along the way they are sure to get Corn Dogs and Pizza.

Big Tex Winks

Big Tex winks as he got a clean bill of health Thursday

For regular visitors of the fair, there are plenty of new offerings including a revamped Big Tex. Complete with winking and a hand that points. And the half man carnival barker illusion. Full of  jokes and Fair trivia, he's a sight to see that makes people stop to try to figure out if it's real or not.


Tim State Fair Food JudgeBig Tex Choice Awards judge Tim Bennett and what some call the State Fair’s Biggest fans stopped us to tell the folks at home to come on down. Bennett says, “You’re supposed to be out here right now, look at this.” He points to all the games and rides,”Why are you at home watching this? Get out here!”

Well you heard the man. What are you waiting for? Go get your corny dog, and turkey leg and maybe go grab some state fair funnel cake beer.


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